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Sergey G.    Sankt-Peterburg   2010-01-15 13:00
I spent 9 summers in Ignalina (1980-8. It is a beautiful place! I LOVE YOU, IGNALINA!

Sergey    Saint-Petersburg   2010-01-05 20:40
I spent 8 years (summers!) in Ignalina by the time of my childhood. I miss Ignalina and hope to visit it again. It is a very beautiful place!

Arina    Lyon, France   2009-06-18 11:34
I spent 12 years (summers!) in Ignalina by the time of my childhood. I awfully miss Ignalina and hope to visit it this summer with my daughter ! We lived at Smelio Gatve ....

Vasily    Saint-Petersburg http://scaletrainsclub.com 2008-09-16 15:45
I spent a vacation in Ignalina when was small. A fine place, beautiful nature, excellent people! I'm glad to see all going well there! Miss you, Ignaina!

Daniel Kalczynski    madrid (españa)   2007-10-20 01:49
Hello; I want to know if you can help me locate the village where my grandparents were born. These are two people who emigrated to Argentina between the years 1925 and 1930. My grandfather was Joseph Kalczynski born March 27, 1903 in "Vensovici province of Minsk, Belarus. Clarifying that this village before belonged to the province of Vilnius' or 'Hisconiece " according to the documents that we have of him. My grandmother was Maria Kurkul (born in 189. Did Wencewicze is the site, and if you can help me locate it on any map. Thank you for your attention Daniel Kalczynski Ventureira Madrid España

daniel kalczynski ventureira    madrid   2007-05-02 19:08
Hola, Buenas Tardes; Mis abuelos emigraron a Argentina en la década de los años 1920. Por lo que sé el sitio donde nacieron es "Wemcewicze" o "vensovici" según algunos documentos que hemos encontrado. Por favor, desearía saber si ese sitio existe en realidad y donde está ubicado para poder visitarlo algún día. Un saludo y muchas gracias Daniel A. Kalczynski Ventureira c/ Austria Nº 39 28810 Villalbilla Madrid

Stickems        2007-02-01 20:24
There is a direct regular train service from Vilnius to Ignalina.

Paula    Hamburg   2007-01-12 23:49
Well, as I see, nobody is really checking this Guestbook - as the two Japanese guys below where already asking about Transportation planas in autumn 2005!!!

Paula    Hamburg   2007-01-12 23:45
Labas TIC, please add a little information about transport (autobus, train) from and to Ignalina, for example from Vilnius. That's the only thing which I've missed on this page. Aciu

Anastasia    Atlanta   2006-12-04 15:42
Hi! I know Ignalina it from my childhood and very love it. I had a friend in it but unfortunately I missed her. Could you pls to suggest me some way to find the address or mobile phone or other contact. Her girl name is Budrekate Birute. She was the junior ski competition champion from 1985-1990. Probably she is working as the sport – trainer in Ignalina School. As I heard her new family name is Serenine. I will be very appreciate your help if it possible. And my dream is to visit Ignalina to find my friend and to show my family he this beautifulness place of the word … Thank you advance.

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