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Ignalina district is famous for its picturesque environs. That’s why its future is related with tourism development. A special attention is paid for that. Every year there are created new tourism and sports objects. Many advantageous projects, improving the living conditions of local people and making the region more attractive and interesting, have been implemented. 

Seeking to get a resort status for the district, the special infrastructure of the town has been developed: using the natural therapeutic resources for the purpose of wellness keeping, creation of camping places, cycle ways and sports grounds, arrangement of the beaches and swimming places. In 2006 a Sports and Leisure Centre was built in Ignalina town. There is a swimming pool, a bowling centre, a sports hall, a simulator room, few conference halls, a hotel (in total 32 persons may live or spend night there), a sauna complex, Jacussi using mineral water.

Sports and Leisure Centre

Swimming pool

Bowling centre

Billiard room

Sports hall

Body-building hall 

Conference hall


Near the Sports and Leisure Centre there is reconstructed a stadium, a tennis court and a basketball ground. In the town there is equipped a basketball ground and an all-purpose sports ground with an artificial revetment; there is going to be built an ice-field, at a renovated building a sanatorium will be established.


Basketball ground of the town

A visit card of Ignalina is a new town square with a fountain. A favourite place of local Ignalina people and the guests to have a walk is a bridge across Paplovinis lake where is also made a nice fountain, placed at the lake and lighted in the evening time. Near the town there are two remarkably arranged functional beaches.

Fountain in Freedom Square

Fountain in the Lake Paplovinis

Beach near Ignalina town

Recently the works of transport reorganization in Ignalina central part project have been finished. There is reconstructed a town hotel. At a peninsula of Gavis lake there was made a sector of narrow railway, by which in summer season a little recreational train runs. Not far from Ignalina an Aviation Training Centre is under the establishment.

Recreational little train at a summer camping place for children of the railway company workers

Ignalina is well known as the winter sports’ capital. Here the various winter sports’ competitions are organized. Since 2006 an Olympic selected team of youth has been trained in Ignalina. In the town and its suburbs various bicycle sport competitions take a place.

Training of Lithuanian Youth Selected Olympic Team

Downhill Skiing Competition

Sports centre of “Ignalinos moksleivių namai” arranges the leisure of pupils and inhabitants, trains the sportsmen for playing at the selected teams of Ignalina town, district and the country. It also participates at the national and international sports competitions, provide organisational and methodical assistance to local educational institutions in sports, training and educational fields. This sports centre also organizes the sports competitions between the teams of district basic schools, the mass wellness’ events, competitions and tournaments of various sports branches.

Winter Sports Festival

Cycling Competition

Ignalina District Municipality is one of the founders of Euroregion “Country of Lakes”. It also participates at the international projects. One of them is “Cycling through the Baltic Country of Lakes”. During its implementation in Ignalina was made a great (20 km. long) and a little (8 km. long) tours of bicycle roads. These roads go through one of the most beautiful part of the region – Azusile Landscape Nature Reserve – the exciting roads and forest paths of this vicinity.

Azusile Landscape Reserve

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